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    Growing up Italian comes with countless family recipes handed down through generations, along with many years in the restaurant industry. We are excited to bring Givoanni’s Italian Kitchen & Pizza Bar to life. Where age old traditions meet a casual modern setting, along with food that is not compromised by quality or taste.

    Our restaurant is named after our son John (Giovanni), his love for all things Italian and our family’s heritage. Our families are originally from Naples and Calabria.

    Our love for Italian food came naturally from home meals, Who cooks better that Nonna Anyway? To experience many different Italian regions and their way of cooking.

    You can often find John trying tomato sauce to ensure it’s to his liking, stealing meatballs before dinner is served, snacking on pizza or indulging in gelato.

    The dinner table is often the centre of many Italian homes, drawing family and friends together. It is said we’re there is good company, there is good food. We hope you experience this with us and enjoy our Italian traditions.


    Through the process of developing Giovanni’s, we wanted to ensure that our brand would exude the principles of what we stand for. Our philosophy is rather simple, we wanted to create a modern Italian restaurant that is approachable, welcoming, and serves good food people will enjoy.


    Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Pizza Bar promises to ensure that we remain true to our community by maintaining a comforting, enjoyable dining experience while sharing our Italian heritage through our foods, wines, market and the products that we offer.


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